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Blind Purple Sky Joins the Revolution

Know ye not who would be free themselves must strike the blow?
– Lord Byron

Johannes Gutenberg was born circa 1398 in Germany. He died there in 1468. In the years in between, all he did was facilitate a revolution that changed the world forever and enabled the life of the mind that we enjoy today. Gutenberg, of course, is credited with introducing mechanical, moveable type printing to Europe, thus setting in motion the Printing Revolution. Suddenly, books could be mass produced! Human beings the world over could read for education, for entertainment, or just for the singular pleasure that a good book brings.

For centuries, the means of producing books remained in the hands of those relative few who had the resources to own bricks-and-mortar publishing firms and who had access to the distribution channels and technology required to publish books on a grand scale.

With this concentration of publishing resources came a concentration of publishing power. For generations upon generations, large publishing houses and their bean counters were the gatekeepers. They decided which authors and what kinds of books were published each year. A book’s fate depended on the publisher’s ability to turn a large profit in view of its profligate operating and distribution expenses. As a result, countless good books and talented authors never saw the light of day.

Today, a Second Revolution is underway. A new age in publishing is here, right now. Digital publishing technology and global platforms like Amazon Kindle enable tiny new companies like Blind Purple Sky to subvert the old gatekeepers and burst through the doors.

Book publishing and promotion no longer must be tethered to the old bricks-and-mortar model. Blind Purple Sky can publish a higher volume of books that people want to read at prices far below those offered by the moribund industry giants.

Like a lonely prairie fire, we’re starting out small. Our initial suite of offerings will focus on the popular romance novel and self-improvement niches … but with the distinctive Blind Purple Sky signature!

What should readers expect from our books? Voices of freedom. That’s who you’ll find at Blind Purple Sky.

There are no fainting couches or corsets in our romance novels. Our romance heroines are strong women. They save themselves. They take bold action to rise above station and circumstance and live authentic lives.

Our self-improvement books are aimed at helping busy people live more fulfilling, less stressful lives. We will help readers overcome worry, build self-esteem, develop the tools to reclaim their personal power and thereby open up new, exciting opportunities!

So come, join the Blind Purple Sky family today. It’s going to be a wild ride!

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